Outsourced QA Testing 

NTD offers outsourced IT services ranging from desktop support to network management

Are you looking to outsource IT QA services?

Agile development has forced changes in the way QA testing is performed.  Shorter development cycles (sprints)  require repetitive testing to not only test new features but to also regression test previous features.

Due to these frequent changes,  manual testing may not be able to meet the required delivery dates nor able to deliver bug free releases.

In many cases, the rapid development cycles will require automation not only at a software level but also at an infrastructure level (DevOps) and push to ‘shift left’ testing methods (“Test Earlier, Test Often”)

This shift in testing has changed the role and skills for QA testers to be cross-skilled in development, testing , automation also know as Software Developers in Test (SDET tester). 

QA resources are now embedded with development teams as the test (frequently) throughout a project lifecycle.

NTD Consulting provides a team of outsourced qa resources that are DevOps engineers  and SDET testers to offload and automate much of the repetitive and frequent testing required during an agile project lifecycle.  Outsource QA testing services that we offer:

  • Setting up QA teams and process
  • Transitioning to DevOps and Automation model
  • Web Test Automation
  • Mobile Test Automation
  • Infrastructure Automation
  • Manual Testing


IT QA Services