Development Frameworks

We offer several framework options based on your needs

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Microsoft .Net

NTD team uses their years of experience from building complex .net applications to tailor .NET solutions to our clients’ requirements no matter how complex or simple the request is. 

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Python is a programming language that lets you work more quickly and integrate your systems more effectively. With Python, you get faster custom coding without losing any functionality.  

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Serverless Applications

Serverless Application development provides functionality and scalability without the need to invest in infrastructure, servers and maintenance of servers.  Using AWS Lambda or Azure Function App,  you can port your Python, C#,  Java and Javascript applications to cloud infrastructure.   

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React Native

React Native is a best-in-class JavaScript library used to create native mobile iOS and Android applications.

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PHP can be used to develop enhancements or plugins to WordPress. PHP is a scripting based language embedded into HTML pages and combined with Javascript it can be used to develop dynamic websites.

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Wordpress Development

WordPress is one the fastest,  cheapest, and most SEO friendly platform on the market.  NTD can quickly develop a custom web site and add additional functionality as needed. 

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WooCommerce is an Open Source software that installs inside of WordPress and has most of the functionality a small business needs to run a fairly sophisticated eCommerce Store. 

Woo integrates to almost any payment gateway including Stripe,, Paypal Payments Pro, Braintree or just about anything else you use to take payments online.