Testimonials of NTD and of NTD’s Principals

We recently hired Mr. David Taggart (NTD Consulting Group) in January and February 2014, on two separate scope of services, one was for an independent Safety Culture Assessment/Safety Conscious Work Environment (SCWE) and another scope was for an independent QA Audit for all areas under the responsibility of the QA Organization.  Mr. Taggart provided us with excellent quality reports and the reports were completed in a very timely manner on both assignments.  Mr. Taggart gave us very beneficial insights from his extensive industry experience, and offered great feedback and helped us identify critical key areas for improvements.  Mr. Taggart is highly recommended and we will hire him again in the future as needed for any required special independent QA consulting scope assignments.

Mr. Fawaz Jabali, Senior Manager – Nuclear QA; Schneider Electric

Having done business with NTD Consulting for several years, I am very confident in their experience, knowledge and level of competence regarding nuclear & industrial matters. -.Unequaled experience when it comes to the nuclear industry.  Qualified and abundantly experienced in nuclear industry matters.

Donnie Smith, General Manager of Tactical Security Solutions, (Security providers for URENCO, USA)

NTD began supplying personnel to Shaw Modular Solutions (SMS) in 2011 in a staff augmentation capacity.  NTD personnel provided personnel with capabilities in Quality Assurance, procedure development, Corrective Action and overall program evaluation.  The personnel were knowledgeable and provided many useful insights to SMS.  NTD continues to provide staff support today.

Roy J. Rehkugler, Director of Shaw Modular Solutions; Shaw Fabrication & Manufacturing Group

Provides a variety of services at a very high level.  … they provided insights and recommendations that directly led to improved performance.  Is uniquely adept at identification and conveyance of issues in a manner that enables management understanding.  I highly recommend for their entire scope of services, particularly Management Evaluations, Organizational Effectiveness Reviews and major project oversight.

Mark Harvey, Senior Project Manager at the Nuclear Energy Institute

Led the first independent assessment of the B&W mPower QA Program.  This was a critical step for the small modular reactor design and development project at B&W.  We needed a team leader with substantial commercial nuclear QA Experience who could manage a complicated review.  The comprehensive results proved to be credible and valuable to the management team.  Highly recommended for advanced, independent assessment.

Arthur Young, Director of Quality at Babcock & Wilcox Modular Nuclear Energy

Supported our company during the recent audit of a prime supplier.  Preparation, support, and follow through were outstanding.  Experience was obvious during the audit as was able to guide the audit team through a number of diverse issues with ease.  While doing this able to keep the big picture in mind which allowed the audit report to properly characterize the finding and recommendations.  This audit will assist the supplier to focus their improvement activities to make a big difference quickly.  Highly recommended for commercial nuclear consulting services!  Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.

Gordon Vytlacil, QA Manager at Generation mPower (Nuclear SMR)

Mr. Taggart was solicited to assist our stations 2010 pre-NIEP Self-assessment due to his extensive industry expertise in Quality Assurance programs. Mr. Taggart provided beneficial insights and recommendations which strengthened our ability to help the station improve performance. – Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.

Brad Churchill, Lead Auditor at Southern California Edison (San Onofre Nuclear Station)