Security Services

security_2 security-3security-2In terms of critical infrastructure protection, the post 9/11 world presents a changed and far more demanding environment. The U.S. industrial infrastructure, which includes nuclear power production and fuel cycle facilities, vessels and facilities in the maritime sector, chemical and industrial process installations, and hydroelectric power production sites, provides numerous and varied targets for would-be terrorists.

NTD Consulting Group, LLC offers comprehensive security consulting for industrial and governmental clients. Our principals have extensive experience in the fields of nuclear security regulations, security program development, security design, security procedures, security-licensing documents, security services, law enforcement, training, and management. In addition, we have available to us a wide array of seasoned consultants well versed in a variety of specialized applications.

Services are customized based on the needs of your facility, its employees and applicable regulations. We help to ensure that you remain in compliance with existing regulations (we can perform audits of existing programs as well as assist you with self assessments), and provide assistance in the development of plans, procedures, programs and processes designed to address new and changing regulatory requirements in the security area. As part of an initial consultation/assessment, we discuss your specific needs and outline the services we offer that address those needs. Based on this assessment and analysis, our assistance ranges from a day’s consulting services, up to the development of an all-inclusive turnkey security program.

NTD also develops security-training modules to address the programs/processes that we have created or refined (including incorporation of the “Systematic Approach to Training” process if so desired).

Our expertise also includes the development of Fitness for Duty (Substance Abuse), and Access Authorization Programs (including USCG TWIC).  We can also assist you by providing technical expertise to support your fitness for duty and access compliance audits.

NTD also provides project management to oversee the development of any security program or process that we create.