Regulatory & Performance-Improvement Services

security_3regulatory-1regulatory-2NTD also provides comprehensive services in the fields of corrective action, procedures, training, self-assessment, human performance, regulatory assessments, project management, expert witness, nuclear renaissance assistance, organization & staffing, and emergency planning.

Our available staff includes former managers in these disciplines as well as topical experts with many years of relevant and in depth experience. As with our security and quality assurance related services, we help ensure that you remain in compliance with existing regulations, and provide assistance in the development of plans, programs and processes designed to address new and changing regulatory requirements.

Corrective Action Program

  • Corrective Action Program Development
  • Corrective Action Implementation Assistance
  • Root Cause and Causal Analysis
  • Evaluation of Corrective Action Program & Implementation

Plans, Procedures, Processes and Programs

  • NTD creates, develops and writes site-specific plans, procedures and programs for your organization, including development of implementing procedures if desired.


  • NTD creates training modules to address the programs/processes that we have created or refined (including incorporation of the “Systematic Approach to Training” process if so desired).

Self-Assessment Program Development

Human Performance Program Assistance

Regulatory Assessments

  • Readiness Reviews
  • Independent Follow-up

Project Management

  • NTD provides project management to oversee the development of any program or process that we create.

Expert Witness Services

  • NTD provides expert witnesses in any of the fields in which we provide services.

Nuclear Renaissance Related Services

  • Combined Operating License Application (COLA) Support
  • COLA Reviews
  • Review of Site Characterization
  • Licensing Assistance
  • Construction Oversight Program Development

Organization and Staffing Evaluation

  • Organization Structure Evaluation
  • Staffing and Workforce Assessment
  • Recruiting Assistance

Emergency Planning